Real Deal Competition I Welcome

Dickinsons Real Deal is a big entertainment show on ITV1 is staged on weekdays and can be enjoyed by everyone in the U.K. as long as they are past 18 years old.  The name of the game is Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition and it’s a contest game. The huge amounts of cash prizes given away are a great allure and the contest has become irresistibly grand because it is easy to enter. If you’re looking for the Dickinsons Real Deal competition question and entry link you can find it at the ITV Competitions site.

All one has to do is to simply answer a question with a multiple choice A, B or C answer.  Would-be contestants are encouraged to watch the show to view the suggested answers to the question and choose the right one. The answer must then be phoned in or referred to a given website that gives the instructions on how to join the contest. Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition conducts an auction for a special item on competition day.  The winning bid for the auctioned item becomes the winning cash prize of the online competition for that particular day. The prize amount rarely falls below one thousand (£1,000) British pounds, and at certain times, prizes go up as high as £6,000 or more. real deal competition

Dickinsons Real Deal Competition Winners

The lucky winners of the Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition are notified of their winnings and are advised to check the given website to verify the amount of the prizes won.  The reason for staging the contest with generous prizes is not explicitly given but it is pretty much obvious that Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition is part of the incentive packages given to customers of the television show for their continuous patronage. All the Dickinsons Real Deal questions and answers can be found here The questions asked are mostly about the different shows and program staged by the station and the personalities who play vital roles in their various shows and programs. Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition therefore is making the TV station closer to the hearts of their customers and the staging of instant win games during the course of the show adds more enjoyment and thrill to the already exciting array of programs staged by ITV.

Real Deal Competition Prizes

The prizes in the Dickinsons Real Deal competition have lately been amounting to three thousand pounds (£3,000) and there seems to be no stopping of the generous mood of the sponsors of TV competitions shows. Actually free competitions such as the one staged by Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition show are meant to let customers focus their interests on some segments of the programs by giving away free stuff U.K. products to serve as bonus items. In many instances, articles or information on some product lines are released at the same time as Dickinsons’s Real Deal Competition and this serve as advertisement for the products mentioned. For the customers, it is always interesting to watch out for the release of new items and take advantage of the deals that may be offered in their promotional stages.

Dickinsons Real Deal Popularity

The Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition has maintained its popularity as a program where antiques and collectable items are appraised and subjected to price offers by dealers who resort to auction if prices are not agreed upon.  The Real Deal Competition adds thrill to the revered proceedings.